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Montessori International College

Education by design

Montessori International College is an independent, non-denominational school renowned for its innovative learning spaces and expertly trained teachers. Situated in the heart of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, just 10 minutes from the Maroochydore CBD, the school caters for children and adolescents from kindergarten to secondary school.

Its new campus located on 22-hectares of bushland aims to become an international benchmark for quality Montessori education. MIC is a green school, engaged with the natural environment and community.

Montessori International College students enjoy a learner-friendly education. They experience ‘hands-on’, multi-dimensional, broad-based learning and the support of a caring and inclusive community. Surrounded by nature, learning occurs in beautifully designed eco-friendly learning spaces under the guidance of expertly trained teachers. These learning spaces provide a comprehensive framework for MIC students to engage their intellectual curiosity and realise their creative potential.

An MIC student ‘knows what to do when they don’t know what to do’. With the extra attention we provide in a small school environment, our students consistently demonstrate independence, accomplishment, responsibility for self and others, civility and an enthusiasm for distinction in all they do.